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Connect TV

CONNECT TV is the copyright owner in respect of:

the listing information for each of the channels it owns and operates (Channel Listings);
  the overall compilation of listing information for all the channels it provides, and the compilation of movies called A-Z MOVIES (Compilations),
(together, Listing Information)

Copyright information

Copyright in the Channel Listings and the Compilations remain at all times the property of CONNECT TV and no unauthorised person must in any way challenge CONNECT TVs claim to copyright in the Channel Listings and the Compilations.

The Listing Information is not to be, in any way, downloaded or used in conjunction with any device, such as customer equipment or a set top box, which permits manipulation of the program listings, or which permits scheduled program recording.

A person (unless otherwise authorised) may only use the Listing Information for the purpose of viewing online for the person's personal use, and must not sell, supply or otherwise provide the listing information to any third parties.

The user of the Listing Information agrees not to:

  adapt or alter all or any part of the Listing Information;
  copy, publish, exploit, split, record, re-encode, redirect, relay, alter, retransmit, resell, redistribute or otherwise offer or supply all or any part of the Listing Information in any way, including via the internet or any other means of communication; or
  exhibit, or permit or facilitate the viewing of the all or any part of the Listing Information in a public viewing area.

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